Scar­bor­ough: If Elect­ed, Trump Will ‘Exe­cute’ As Many Peo­ple As He Can Get Away With!

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<div>Scarborough: If Elected, Trump Will 'Execute' As Many People As He Can Get Away With!</div>

Joe Biden, in his inef­fa­ble fash­ion, man­aged to mess up the turkey-par­don­ing cer­e­mo­ny yes­ter­day, con­fus­ing Tay­lor Swift with Brit­ney Spears.But to lis­ten to Joe Scar­bor­ough today, you can imag­ine the Morn­ing Joe host fret­ting that if Don­ald Trump were re-elect­ed, he would replace turkey par­don­ing with an Exe­cu­tion o’ the Week ceremony!We’ve oft doc­u­ment­ed, as here, poor Scar­bor­ough’s fas­cism fetish when it comes to describ­ing Trump. Joe’s mania reached a crescen­do today, as vari­a­tions on that f‑word were deployed no few­er than 25 times in the show’s first 17 min­utes.
Joe ham­mered the DNC theme for 2024: “If you want to be fair, then you will frame this as Joe Biden being the can­di­date that sup­ports Amer­i­can democ­ra­cy, and Don­ald Trump, a can­di­date who sup­ports a new form of gov­ern­ment here that’s author­i­tar­i­an. It’s real­ly that simple.“That even­tu­al­ly led scare-mon­ger­ing Scar­bor­ough to pre­dict that —giv­en the chance—Trump would “exe­cute” as many peo­ple as he could get away with.  Nobody fears “fact check­ers” will get involved. 

“If he is vot­ed into office, then a lot of these peo­ple that are talk­ing about lit­er­al, or fig­u­ra­tive, or what­ev­er the hell they’re say­ing, are going to look like idiots.Because he will do, he will get away with, he will imprison, he will exe­cute, who­ev­er he is allowed to imprison, exe­cute, dri­ve from the coun­try … He will do, he will get away with …