News­Busters Pod­cast: A Cor­nu­copia of Copi­um As Trump Leads Biden

NewsBusters Podcast: A Cornucopia of Copium As Trump Leads Biden

As polls show Don­ald Trump inch­ing ahead of Joe Biden in the pres­i­den­tial race at the Thanks­giv­ing mark, the net­work stars are frus­trat­ed. How could this be? Vot­ers are for­get­ful, these polls can’t pos­si­bly be reli­able, and for­mer­ly reli­able left­ish net­works like Uni­vi­sion are too nice to Trump.
On The View, Ana Navar­ro was upset that Uni­vi­sion did­n’t send fer­vent Demo­c­rat Jorge Ramos to push Trump around. Uni­vi­sion used to be dra­mat­i­cal­ly anti-Trump, but they’ve tak­en a turn. Navar …