Jew­ish Colum­bia Stu­dent Fires Back After Flee­ing Cam­pus Amid Threats Over Arti­cles She Wrote — Expos­ing Anti-Semi­tism

Jewish Columbia Student Fires Back After Fleeing Campus Amid Threats Over Articles She Wrote — Exposing Anti-Semitism

A Jew­ish stu­dent at Colum­bia Uni­ver­si­ty dou­bled down after harass­ment and threats — over her accu­rate and con­sis­tent report­ing on cam­pus anti-Semi­tism — ini­tial­ly spurred her to flee cam­pus. She fired back, writ­ing an arti­cle for Rolling Stone Mag­a­zine about the anti-Semi­tism that has infect­ed her col­lege cam­pus and oth­ers.
Rebec­ca Mas­sel, a senior staff writer for the stu­dent news­pa­per — The Colum­bia Dai­ly Spec­ta­tor — wrote the arti­cle for Rolling Stone after she got back­lash for report­ing on the on-cam­pus assault of an Israeli stu­dent and the ongo­ing anti-Semit­ic protests, march­es, and harass­ment that she and oth­er Jew­ish stu­dents had seen.
The assault in ques­tion had occurred just a few days after the hor­rif­ic attack per­pe­trat­ed by Hamas ter­ror­ists against Israeli civil­ians — as anti …