Wash­ing­ton Post Writer Pan­ics that Bor­der Crises Will Hurt Democ­rats in 2024 Elec­tion

Washington Post Writer Panics that Border Crises Will Hurt Democrats in 2024 Election

The bor­der crises has been grow­ing steadi­ly over the past few years as the Biden DHS seems to just idly stand by and allow it to wors­en. Not a peep dur­ing that time from Wash­ing­ton Post staff writer Aaron Blake — until he sud­den­ly saw the polls which revealed that this issue can real­ly harm the Democ­rats in 2024 which caused him to go into pan­ic attack mode on Tues­day with “Democ­rats’ bor­der prob­lem is get­ting real.”
So it’s just now “get­ting real?” Where have you been for the past few years, Aaron?
The bor­der crises has been all too real for years but Blake now notices it because of the harm this issue could do to Democ­rats in next year’s elec­tion. Let us now join Blake push­ing the impend­ing elec­tion pan­ic but­ton:

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