FLASHBACK: The Media’s Nasty Attacks on Florida’s Kather­ine Har­ris

FLASHBACK: The Media’s Nasty Attacks on Florida’s Katherine Harris

Twen­ty-three years ago, Novem­ber 2000, the lib­er­al media unleashed their full fury on Florida’s Sec­re­tary of State, Kather­ine Har­ris, for fol­low­ing the elec­tion laws of her state as well as var­i­ous court rul­ings to cer­ti­fy George W. Bush as the win­ner of her state’s elec­toral votes in the dis­put­ed 2000 pres­i­den­tial elec­tion.                        Dur­ing the recount dra­ma, the nation­al media pushed a two-track strat­e­gy: attempt to bul­ly Har­ris into using her office to aid Demo­c­ra­t­ic nom­i­nee Al Gore; or, fail­ing that, to dis­cred­it her as a mere par­ti­san help­ing a fel­low Repub­li­can block a full account­ing of Florida’s votes.
On elec­tion night (Novem­ber 7), all three broad­cast net­works had declared Bush the win­ner, only to retract their dec­la­ra­tion when it became clear that the vote …