Bit­ter CBS Freaks Over ‘Hard-Right,’ ‘Pop­ulist,’ ‘Right-Wing’ ‘Back­lash’ in Europe

Tuesday’s CBS Morn­ings had a piece in the sec­ond half-hour ped­dling a tire­some lib­er­al media trope of melt­ing down over elec­tion results that don’t go their way, espe­cial­ly when it comes to bemoan­ing the “far right” and “hard right” in Europe.
This time, they bemoaned the “hard-right,” “pop­ulist,” “right-wing” “back­lash” that’s “shak[ing] up pol­i­tics across Europe”, most notably in the Nether­lands with Geert Wilders on the cusp of becom­ing prime min­is­ter. Check out exam­ples here, here, here, here, and here for a sam­pling just from CBS.

Accom­pa­nied by the chy­ron “Europe’s Shift to the Right”, social­ist co-host Tony Dok­oupil teased a sto­ry about the “s …