Cap­i­tal­ism and Lone­li­ness: What The Media Get WRONG

You must be lone­ly. The media say lone­li­ness is every­where in Amer­i­ca.
A Los Ange­les Times colum­nist says, “There’s a mass lone­li­ness cri­sis going on.”
“Cap­i­tal­ism is Mak­ing You Lone­ly,” says Jacobin Mag­a­zine.
Vox claims, “Cap­i­tal­ism makes us feel emp­ty inside.”
As usu­al, the media are just wrong.
In my new video, his­to­ri­an Johan Nor­berg points out that, “There’s no empir­i­cal data that actu­al­ly shows that we feel more lone­ly now than we did in the past. … When researchers com­pare peo­ple with pre­vi­ous gen­er­a­tions at the same stage of life, they don’t find evi­dence of increased lone­li­ness.”
“But more peo­ple live …