Stu­pid, Cow­ard­ly Hap­py Talk Isn’t The Answer

Stupid, Cowardly Happy Talk Isn’t The Answer

Hap­py talk is dan­ger­ous.
It’s dan­ger­ous because it gets peo­ple killed. It leads peo­ple to believe fool­ish things. Out of idi­ot­ic hopes and fatu­ous dreams, lead­ers tend to believe what they want to believe. That is pre­cise­ly the oppo­site of their job, par­tic­u­lar­ly when it comes to nation­al secu­ri­ty: For­eign pol­i­cy ought to be the pre­serve of cold-eyed men and women capa­ble of mak­ing hard but cor­rect deci­sions.
Unfor­tu­nate­ly, pol­i­tics tends to draw those with star­ry visions — or, at least, cow­ards who will mask their own c …