Bri­an Stel­ter Prais­es The View for Being ‘Loud­er Than the Liars’

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<div>Brian Stelter Praises The View for Being 'Louder Than the Liars'</div>

The sales of Bri­an Stelter’s lat­est anti-Fox News book were so low that he made an appear­ance with the lib­er­al ladies of ABC’s The View on Thurs­day in an attempt to bump up his num­bers. Of course, there were the usu­al back-slap­ping con­ver­sa­tions for him going after one of their mutu­al hate objects, but Stel­ter also had sweet noth­ings to pro­claim the cast: false­ly claim­ing the show was home to truth­ful con­ver­sa­tions.
Faux con­ser­v­a­tive co-host Alyssa Farah Grif­fin tout­ed Stelter’s “impor­tant book” and want­ed to focus on the “intrigue” of the Mur­doch fam­i­ly. “So, after decades of run­ning the com­pa­ny, Rupert Mur­doch announced he would step down, he’s pass­ing the baton to Lach­lan Mur­doch. There’s a lot of intrigue around this fam­i­ly and is it going to look dif­fer­ent under the son? Tell us what we can expect and what you learned in writ­ing this?” she won­dered.
Keep­ing the dis­cus­sion in fan­ta­sy­land, Stel­ter sug­gest­ed the Mur­doch fam­i­ly was lit­er­al­ly like the ridi …