In-Law Love: Scar­bor­ough Lauds Res­olute Zbig­niew Brzezin­s­ki vs. ‘Shape-Shifter’ Kissinger

<div>In-Law Love: Scarborough Lauds Resolute Zbigniew Brzezinski vs. 'Shape-Shifter' Kissinger</div>

Joe Scar­bor­ough can antic­i­pate an aura of con­nu­bial bliss this evening.
Because on today’s Morn­ing Joe, Scar­bor­ough took shots at Hen­ry Kissinger on the occa­sion of his death, while at the same time paint­ing a much more pos­i­tive pic­ture of Zbig­niew Brzezin­s­ki, who just hap­pens to be the late father of Joe’s wife and co-host, Mika. He did­n’t dis­close the con­nec­tion, maybe because it’s obvi­ous to most news junkies.Scarborough pref­aced his invid­i­ous com­par­i­son by disin­ge­nous­ly claim­ing that he was not d …