Byron Don­alds express­es con­cern over San­tos expul­sion: ‘Goes against the prin­ci­ples of our insti­tu­tions’

Rep. Byron Don­alds (R‑FL) said the House vote to expel Rep. George San­tos (R‑NY) with­out a con­vic­tion “goes against the prin­ci­ples of our insti­tu­tions.”
Speak­ing to reporters on the steps of Capi­tol Hill fol­low­ing the Fri­day morn­ing vote, Don­alds said the rare move to oust San­tos from his posi­tion as a mem­ber of the House “sets a dan­ger­ous prece­dent” and “changes the very nature upon which this insti­tu­tion is sup­posed to func­tion.”
“We’ve been lec­tured polit­i­cal­ly for the last four years, a lot of it in the press, about our insti­tu­tions — what hap­pened here today goes against the prin­ci­ples of our insti­tu­tions,” Don­alds said. When asked if he believed GOP lead­er­ship could have done more, Don­alds said “yes,” but he did not expand on the top­ic.

Declin­ing to answer ques­tions after the vote, San­tos echoed calls from some GOP mem­bers claim­ing the move sets a dan­ger­ous prece­dent.
“The House vot­ed — that’s their vote,” San­tos said per CNN. “They just set a new dan­ger­ous prece­dent for them­selves.”
The House opt­ed to expel …