US war­ship fires in self-defense after com­mer­cial ships attacked in Red Sea

US warship fires in self-defense after commercial ships attacked in Red Sea

A Unit­ed States naval ship fired in self-defense Sun­day as two com­mer­cial ves­sels were attacked in the Red Sea in an attack claimed by Yemen’s Houthi rebel group.
The Houthi rebel group took cred­it for the attack, which could mark an esca­la­tion of the Israel-Hamas war, against the ves­sels, accord­ing to the Asso­ci­at­ed Press.
“We’re aware of reports regard­ing attacks on the USS Car­ney and com­mer­cial ves­sels in the Red Sea and will pro­vide infor­ma­tion as it becomes avail­able, lat­er,” the Pen­ta­gon said in a state­ment sent to the Wash­ing­ton Exam­in­er.

This Nov. 12, 2018 pho­to shows The USS Car­ney in the Mediter­ranean Sea. The Amer­i­can war­ship and mul­ti­ple com­mer­cial ships came under attack Sun­day, Dec. 3, 2023 in the Red Sea, the Pen­ta­gon said, poten­tial­ly mark­ing a m …