Israeli Woman Offi­cial: I Asked Michelle Oba­ma To Con­demn Hamas For Rape, Mur­der Of Women, And Got Silence

Israeli Woman Official: I Asked Michelle Obama To Condemn Hamas For Rape, Murder Of Women, And Got Silence

A female Israeli offi­cial said that when she asked for­mer first lady Michelle Oba­ma to con­demn Hamas for its vicious attack on Israeli women includ­ing mul­ti­ple rapes and mur­ders in the Octo­ber 7 mas­sacre, she was met with silence.
May Golan, Min­is­ter for the Advance­ment of the Sta­tus of Women of Israel, was inter­viewed by host Erel Segal on Israel’s Chan­nel 14 on Sat­ur­day and point­ed out Michele Obama’s full-throat­ed con­dem­na­tion of Boko Haram, when the ter­ror­ist group kid­napped 276 girls en masse from a school in Nige­ria. Oba­ma, who start­ed a hash­ta …