Democ­rats Run Against ‘White­ness’ And ‘Chris­t­ian Nation­al­ism’

Democrats Run Against ‘Whiteness’ And ‘Christian Nationalism’

There are a lot of threats fac­ing Amer­i­ca these days.
One is the threat of fis­cal col­lapse.
Mid-to-long-term, America’s eco­nom­ic sys­tem is increas­ing­ly unsus­tain­able. We’re run­ning a $33 tril­lion nation­al debt; our actu­al nation­al debt, includ­ing unfund­ed lia­bil­i­ties, runs anoth­er $80 tril­lion over the next 75 years. Vir­tu­al­ly all of those fig­ures are dri­ven by Medicare and Social Secu­ri­ty short­falls. This means, soon­er or lat­er, we’re going to have to rad­i­cal­ly increase tax­es, cut ben­e­fits, or inflate our cur­ren­cy.
Anoth­er threat is the threat of for …