Morn­ing Joe’s Geist: ‘Ide­al­ly,’ Young Peo­ple Will Vote For ‘Pro-Choice’ Can­di­dates

<div>Morning Joe's Geist: 'Ideally,' Young People Will Vote For 'Pro-Choice' Candidates</div>

Over the years, we’ve often sin­gled out Willie Geist as a favorite mem­ber of the Morn­ing Joe cast. Not only for his ami­able per­son­al­i­ty, but also for his approach to pol­i­tics that is more even-hand­ed than the decid­ed­ly Dem tilt of Joe Scar­bor­ough and Mika Brzezin­s­ki. 
There was even that moment in 2012 when Willie ven­tured into Man­hat­tan’s ultra-lib­er­al West Side to “cam­paign” for John McCain. Sure, it was a light-heart­ed stunt, but it did say some­thing about Geist’s more open-mind­ed approach to pol­i­tics. 
In more recent times, Geist has firm­ly made him­self part of Morn­ing Joe’s anti-Trump move­ment. But we’ve viewed that as more a mat­ter of Willie’s reac­tion to Trump’s per­sona, rather than of Geist’s views on par­tic­u­lar issues.
But that seemed to change this morn­ing. The show had on John Del­la Volpe, the direc­tor of polling at the Har­vard Insti­tute of Pol­i­tics, to dis­cuss the Insti­tute’s recent poll of young vot­ers. A notable find­ing was strong sup­port for abor­tion rights and for ref­er­en­da estab­lish­ing those rights in law, post-Dobbs.
That’s when Geist made his disa …