Dai­ly Wire And The Fed­er­al­ist Sue Biden State Depart­ment Over Cen­sor­ship Effort

Daily Wire And The Federalist Sue Biden State Department Over Censorship Effort

The Dai­ly Wire, The Fed­er­al­ist, and the state of Texas joined on Tues­day in a law­suit against the U.S. State Depart­ment, alleg­ing that the gov­ern­ment agency fund­ed cen­sor­ship tech­nol­o­gy designed to bank­rupt domes­tic media out­lets with dis­fa­vored polit­i­cal opin­ions.
The State Depart­ment is tasked with for­eign rela­tions and has no author­i­ty over domes­tic affairs, yet it took a gov­ern­ment office designed for coun­ter­ing for­eign ter­ror­ist pro­pa­gan­da, the Glob­al Engage­ment Cen­ter (GEC), and unleashed it against Amer­i­cans engaged in what it claimed was “dis­in­for­ma­tion,” accord­ing to the law­suit, filed in f …