Meacham Seizes on Pearl Har­bor Anniver­sary To Launch Sneak Attack On Trump

Meacham Seizes on Pearl Harbor Anniversary To Launch Sneak Attack On Trump

For the lib­er­al media, any occa­sion is good if it can be used to bash Don­ald Trump. And so it was that on Thurs­day’s Morn­ing Joe, his­to­ri­an and occa­sion­al Biden speech­writer Jon Meacham used the occa­sion of Decem­ber 7th, the 82nd anniver­sary of the Japan­ese attack on Pearl Har­bor, to draw a strained anal­o­gy to the chal­lenge fac­ing Amer­i­ca in the face of Trump with call outs to threats to democ­ra­cy and dic­ta­tor­ship.
Give Meacham cred­it: the lib­er­al medi­a’s Trump = Hitler analo­gies have become so com­mon­place that we have large­ly become inured to them. So, Trump = Hirohito/Tojo might be seen as a refresh­ing change of vil­lain! 
Note that Meacham did­n’t even find it nec­es­sary to call out Trump by name as rep­re­sent­ing a threat, and a choice, for Amer­i­ca anal­o­gous t …