Schools Across U.S. Push Kids To Cha­t­rooms Where They Can Talk Trans­gen­derism With LGBTQ Adults

Schools Across U.S. Push Kids To Chatrooms Where They Can Talk Transgenderism With LGBTQ Adults

From Mass­a­chu­setts to Wis­con­sin, schools across the Unit­ed States are direct­ing chil­dren to secre­tive online LGBT chat plat­forms where minors dis­cuss “gen­der affirm­ing surg­eries,” trans­gen­derism, and even occult prac­tices with adults who iden­ti­fy as LGBT.
At pub­lic schools in Mass­a­chu­setts, for exam­ple, admin­is­tra­tors pushed youth who iden­ti­fy as LGBTQIA+ to QChat, a secre­tive plat­form that con­nects aims to pro­vide “chat-based dis­cus­sion groups for LGBTQ+ and ques­tion­ing teens ages 13 to 19” and invites par­tic­i­pants to join con­ver­sa­ti …