‘So F***ing Stu­pid’: Bill Burr Slams Jim­my Kim­mel While On His Show

‘So F***ing Stupid’: Bill Burr Slams Jimmy Kimmel While On His Show

Bill Burr slammed Jim­my Kim­mel while appear­ing on his show and said talk show hosts like Kim­mel should just “shut up” and stop talk­ing about “nar­cis­sist” for­mer Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump.
Dur­ing the 55-year-old actor/comedian’s appear­ance on Tues­day on ABC’s “Jim­my Kim­mel Live!,” Burr direct­ed the con­ver­sa­tion towards the 2024 elec­tion and blast­ed lib­er­als for the numer­ous indict­ments of the for­mer pres­i­dent — which he said has only giv­en Trump new polit­i­cal life.
“You want to see a great case thing on nar­cis­sism,” Burr said. “Lib­er­als are so f***ing stu­pid, the way that they han­dle Trump.”
Kim­mel pressed the come­di­an and asked what he meant by his com­ment.
“You should shut up!” the come­di­an replied. “He’s [Trump] a nar­cis­sist. Neu­tral ener­gy. Neu­tral.”

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Kim­mel said, “You think he’d go away if we stopped …”
“You know what I think, he’s a one-hit won­der,” Burr replied, com­par­ing Trump to …