The Fourth Repub­li­can Fight Night

The Fourth Republican Fight Night

Last night’s fourth Repub­li­can debate may end up as a foot­note in pres­i­den­tial his­to­ry — Don­ald Trump, who is lead­ing the race by leaps and bounds, wasn’t on the stage, and the debate aired on News­Na­tion rather than Fox News.
But in some ways, the debate was by far the most inter­est­ing debate of the race. It was inter­est­ing for a few rea­sons.
First, it showed that gov­er­nance actu­al­ly mat­ters.
The bat­tle between Ron DeSan­tis and Nik­ki Haley is a bat­tle over pol­i­cy posi­tions, sure. The debat …