‘Still Scratch­ing My Head’: CNN Announces GOP Debate At St. Anselm Col­lege With­out Clear­ing It With School Or Par­ty, Offi­cials Say

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‘Still Scratching My Head’: CNN Announces GOP Debate At St. Anselm College Without Clearing It With School Or Party, Officials Say

CNN announced Thurs­day that it will host two GOP pres­i­den­tial debates in Jan­u­ary, with one being held at St. Anselm Col­lege in New Hamp­shire, but offi­cials at St. Anselm and the New Hamp­shire Repub­li­can Par­ty had no idea about CNN’s plans. 
Hours after the close of the fourth Repub­li­can debate in Alaba­ma, the net­work announced it will host debates in Iowa and New Hamp­shire days before the states’ cau­cus­es and pri­ma­ry. Neil Levesque — the exec­u­tive direc­tor of the New Hamp­shire Insti­tute of Pol­i­tics and Polit­i­cal Library at Saint Anselm — said the uni­ver­si­ty was “sur­prised” by CNN’s announce­ment, see­ing …