Mass­a­chu­setts Bal­lot Pro­pos­al Seeks To Legal­ize Psy­che­delics

Massachusetts Ballot Proposal Seeks To Legalize Psychedelics

Mass­a­chu­setts vot­ers may legal­ize cer­tain psy­che­delics in 2024 through a bal­lot pro­pos­al await­ing final approval from their sec­re­tary of state.
The pro­posed bal­lot ques­tion, the Nat­ur­al Psy­che­del­ic Sub­stances Act, would allow adults 21 and old­er to use and grow psilo­cy­bin and psilo­cyn, or the sub­stances found in mag­ic mush­rooms, as well as the plant-derived psy­che­delics mesca­line, ibo­gaine, and dimethyl­trypt­a­mine (DMT). All of the psy­che­delics are cur­rent­ly Sched­ule I drugs, as they have “no cur­rent­ly accept­ed med­ical use and a high poten­tial for abuse,” per the Drug Enforce­ment Admin­is­tra­tion (DEA).
The pro­pos­al pro­hibits the retail sale of these psy­che­delics, with pur­chas­es only allowed at cer­ta …