Atlantic Mag­a­zine Urges Its Trump-Hat­ing Read­ers Not to ‘Go Bonkers’ Again If Trump Wins

<div>Atlantic Magazine Urges Its Trump-Hating Readers Not to 'Go Bonkers' Again If Trump  Wins</div>

The Atlantic mag­a­zine’s unin­ten­tion­al­ly hilar­i­ous IF TRUMP WINS series warns its read­ers of the scary apoc­a­lyp­tic future should Don­ald Trump emerge vic­to­ri­ous in 2024, but Helen Lewis brought a mild­ly mod­er­at­ing tone to the flock, urg­ing the Trump-loathing read­ers not to “go bonkers” again as they did after Trump won in 2016. Should the unthink­able hap­pen again, Lewis urged her read­ers not to go full men­tal jack­et as explained in the title, “THE LEFT CAN’T AFFORD TO GO MAD.”

The Trump years had a rad­i­cal­iz­ing effect on the Amer­i­can right. But, let’s be hon­est, they also sent many on the left com­plete­ly around the bend. Some lib­er­als, par­tic­u­lar­ly upper-mid­dle-class white ones, cracked up because oth­er peo­ple couldn’t see what was obvi­ous to them: that Trump was a bad can­di­date and an even worse pres­i­dent.

The clin­i­cal term for that ail­ment is Trump Derange­ment Syn­drome which is a sub­set of Just Plain Nuts!

Rather than focus­ing on how to oppose Trump’s poli­cies, or how to expose the hol­low­ness of his promis­es, the resis­tance sim­ply wished Trump would dis­ap­pear. Many on the left …