HYSTERICAL: MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Fab­ri­cates A New Russ­ian Col­lu­sion For 2024

HYSTERICAL: MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Fabricates A New Russian Collusion For 2024

To the ham­mer, every­thing looks like a nail. If you are a con­spir­a­cy-the­o­riz­ing MSNBC anchor, every­thing is going to look like the Rus­sia Hoax. Case in point, Chris Hayes’ weird Rus­sia Hoax tie-in towards the end of his rant on the GOP’s insis­tence that bor­der secu­ri­ty reforms be a part of any aid pack­age to Ukraine.  
Watch the unhinge­ment towards the end of his rant. Lest you feel inclined to empathize with those of us who watch …