Mol­lie Hem­ing­way: Big Tech Cen­sor­ship, Elec­tion Inter­fer­ence Pose ‘Exis­ten­tial Threat’

Mollie Hemingway: Big Tech Censorship, Election Interference Pose ‘Existential Threat’

Fed­er­al­ist Edi­tor-in-Chief Mol­lie Hem­ing­way torched Big Tech’s elec­tion inter­fer­ence cam­paign while tes­ti­fy­ing before Con­gress.
In her open­ing tes­ti­mo­ny before the House Admin­is­tra­tion Com­mit­tee Wednes­day, Hem­ing­way described some of the most pal­pa­ble threats to Amer­i­can elec­tions, includ­ing Big Tech cen­sor­ship. She par­tic­u­lar­ly called out Meta CEO Mark Zucker­berg for his infa­mous “Zucker­bucks,” or par­ti­san fund­ing of elec­tion offices. Just as Media Research Cen­ter has pre­vi­ous­ly empha­sized, Hem­ing­way stressed that Big Tech cen­sor­ship has become a men­ace to our demo­c­ra­t­ic repub­lic, par­tic­u­lar­ly when social media and gov­ern­ment col­lude to sup­press speech.
Hem­ing­way explained that instead of an effi­cient and hon­est elec­tion sys­tem, “we now have lengthy elec­tion sea­sons that can last months pri­or to and even after Elec­tion Day.” She list­ed a lack of a secure chain of bal­lot cus­tody, a par­ti­san elec­tion admin­is­tra­tion, a biased press, a politi­cized jus­tice sys­tem, and an effort to oust GOP can­di­date Don­ald Trump from the bal­lot and bank­rupt him. But left­ists also weaponize Big Tech, she empha­sized.

“Instead of a vibrant pub­lic square w …