Ben Shapiro Slams Biden’s ‘Hor­ren­dous’ Response To Spe­cial Coun­sel Report, Dis­cuss­es New Docu-Series With Meg­yn Kel­ly

Ben Shapiro Slams Biden’s ‘Horrendous’ Response To Special Counsel Report, Discusses New Docu-Series With Megyn Kelly

Dai­ly Wire Edi­tor Emer­i­tus Ben Shapiro slammed Pres­i­dent Joe Biden’s response to a spe­cial coun­sel report show­ing that he had mem­o­ry issues dur­ing an appear­ance on the Meg­yn Kel­ly show on Fri­day where they also dis­cussed his new docu-series, “The Divid­ed States of Biden.”
Kel­ly had Shapiro on to ana­lyze the fall­out from the release of a report from Spe­cial Coun­sel Robert Hur that con­clud­ed that while Biden “will­ful­ly retained and dis­closed clas­si­fied mate­ri­als,” no charges should be brought because of the president’s men­tal acu­ity. Biden respond­ed to the release of the report by hold­ing a press con­fer­ence where he made repeat­ed men­tal mis­takes.
Shapiro ripped into Biden over the press con­fer­ence, point­ing out how it only high­light­ed the president’s weak­ness­es.
“I mean, it tru­ly was the worst press con­fer­ence I have e …