Col­umn: Biden Must Be Hid­den From an Apa­thet­ic Press

Column: Biden Must Be Hidden From an Apathetic Press

The over­long Super Bowl pregame fes­tiv­i­ties will once again unfold with­out an inter­view with Pres­i­dent Biden. Pun­dits are ask­ing: Why would Biden forego this mas­sive audi­ence as he runs for re-elec­tion? It’s not like CBS would pound him with hard­balls. Scott Pel­ley is about as tough as a Biden grand­daugh­ter. Gayle King vaca­tioned with the Oba­mas and donat­ed to Barack Oba­ma.
Fox News media reporter Joseph Wulf­sohn made an impor­tant point out as this news broke. Spe­cial Coun­sel Robert Hur – a man the media have most­ly ignored for a year – was expect­ed to put out his report on Biden’s improp­er han­dling of clas­si­fied doc­u­ments. That would be a rea­son to skip any incon­ve­nient inter­views.
Then Hur’s report came out, and it grew worse. The report said a jury would find Biden to be a sym­pa­th …