NY Papers Bat­tle: Jil­l’s ‘Elder Abuse’ vs. ‘Spe­cial Coun­sel’s Hit Job’

Ya can’t make it up.
The New York Post takes the bull by the horns, head­lin­ing its edi­to­r­i­al this way: 

Jill Biden and Dems com­mit­ted elder abuse on Joe — now they must force him to step aside

The Post writes: 

Aides will try to mop this (the Biden recent press con­fer­ence) all up in the com­ing days, but it’s over, folks.
(Spe­cial Coun­sel) Hur says Biden’s mem­o­ry was “worse” in 2023 than it was in 2017. What will it be like two years from now? What will that do to the coun­try? 
It’s time for those same Democ­rats who lied to get Biden into the White House to tell him that he must step aside before the 25th Amend­ment is invoked.
It’s a humil­i­a­tion, and it’s one that they them­selves caused. Jill Biden did this to her hus­band. His chil­dren, his staff, …