Phillips going to bat for Biden doesn’t win him any good­will from Democ­rats

Rep. Dean Phillips (D‑MN) claimed he want­ed “to real­ly defend” Pres­i­dent Joe Biden after spe­cial coun­sel Robert Hur‘s scathing report cast seri­ous doubt on the president’s men­tal fac­ul­ties.

Phillips made a round of tele­vi­sion inter­views after Biden’s com­pe­tence was called into ques­tion by Hur, who referred to the pres­i­dent as “an elder­ly man” with “poor mem­o­ry.”

Hur’s office inter­viewed Biden last year but found he did not have a “men­tal state of will­ful­ness” and there­fore was not worth indict­ing over his han­dling of clas­si­fied doc­u­ments because “it would be dif­fi­cult to con­vince a jury that they should con­vict him.”

Most recent­ly, Phillips appeared on Jesse Wat­ters Prime­time Fri­day to lament the president’s press con­fer­ence fol­low­ing the report’s release. Biden blast­ed Hur, telling reporters “how in the hell dare …