CNN Hypes CAIR Line on Pales­tin­ian Hate Crime Sto­ry to Push Cease­fire, Fox Offers Con­trast

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This past week, there was a stark con­trast between CNN and Fox morn­ing shows in their cov­er­age of hate crimes alleged­ly inspired by the Israel-Hamas war as CNN used the stab­bing of a Pales­tin­ian Amer­i­can man in Austin to push for a cease­fire while Fox high­light­ed a Pales­tin­ian ille­gal alien who beat a Jew­ish home­own­er in New York.
CNN This Morn­ing cov­ered the Austin sto­ry on both Wednes­day and Thurs­day as cor­re­spon­dent Dianne Gal­lagher high­light­ed lame asser­tions by the v …