MSNBC Ignores ‘Strong’ Evi­dence Megachurch Shoot­er Was Pro-Hamas Ter­ror­ist

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<div>MSNBC Ignores 'Strong' Evidence Megachurch Shooter Was Pro-Hamas Terrorist</div>

On Mon­day, word spread like wild­fire that the alleged shoot­er of the Hous­ton megachurch belong­ing to Joel Olsteen was a pro-Pales­tin­ian ter­ror­ist who had the mes­sage “Free Pales­tine” writ­ten on the rifle. It was also dis­cov­ered that the shoot­er was trans­gen­dered. For hours, far-left MSNBC refused to update their on-air report­ing to inform view­ers of the like­ly motive behind the attack. But while CNN News Cen­tral had report­ed the “Free Pales­tine” mes­sage, they danced about the sh …