Tay­lor Lorenz Upset! Meta Won’t Rec­om­mend Polit­i­cal News on Insta­gram or Threads

<div>Taylor Lorenz Upset! Meta Won't Recommend Political News on Instagram or Threads</div>

Pro­fes­sion­al kvetch­meis­ter Tay­lor Lorenz of the Wash­ing­ton Post is once again whin­ing about any hint of the social-media giants mov­ing away from cen­sor­ship or aggres­sive­ly rec­om­mend­ing “main­stream” media reports with a left­ist agen­da.
In this case, Tay­lor and her Post col­league Nao­mi Nix are over the news that Meta (which every­one still calls Face­book) has decid­ed to stop proac­tive­ly rec­om­mend­ing polit­i­cal con­tent on Insta­gram or their Twit­ter-knock­off called Threads. Most peo­ple would greet the news that Meta is not shov­ing its bias­es down peo­ple’s throats via rec­om­men­da­tions to be a good thing. But not Tay­lor Lorenz as you can see in Sat­ur­day’s whine encased in an arti­cle, “Meta turns its back on pol­i­tics again, anger­ing some news cre­ators.”
Which “cre­ators” are wor­ried about “a cru­cial elec­tion year”? The Left, which can­not be iden­ti­fied.

Meta announced on Fri­day it would stop proac­tive­ly rec­om­mend­ing polit­i­cal con­tent on Insta­gram or its upstart text-ba …