Democ­rats could flip Wis­con­sin State Assem­bly for first time in over a decade under new maps

Democrats could flip Wisconsin State Assembly for first time in over a decade under new maps

Democ­rats in Wis­con­sin have a chance to flip the State Assem­bly in their favor for the first time in over a decade under the state’s new leg­isla­tive maps.
The new maps are set to make Wis­con­sin more com­pet­i­tive as both par­ties have a real­is­tic chance to con­trol the Assem­bly for the first time in 12 years. Repub­li­cans are heav­i­ly favored to keep con­trol of the state Sen­ate.
Chaz Nut­ty­combe, the founder of CNal­y­sis (a “non­par­ti­san state leg­isla­tive elec­tion analy­sis” group, accord­ing to its X account), told the Recom­bob­u­la­tion Area that the Repub­li­cans were the “slight favorites to win the Assem­bly, and they’re cer­tain to win the Sen­ate.” CNal­y­sis report­ed­ly accu­rate­ly pre­dict­ed all of Virginia’s state races last year.
Since 2011, when Wisconsin’s leg­isla­tive maps were imple­ment­ed heav­i­ly in favor of the state GOP, Repub­li­cans held at least 60 of the state’s 99 Assem­bly seats for the last 12 …