Lib­er­al Media Scream: Media role is reed­u­cat­ing you on great­ness of Bide­nomics

Pres­i­dent Joe Biden has appar­ent­ly real­ized that pitch­ing “Bide­nomics” is a los­er polit­i­cal­ly, but his White House for­got to tell its media echo cham­ber.
Accord­ing to an Issues & Insights report, Biden has “ditched” the term, with the report not­ing Biden and his White House used the term 59 times last July. By last month, it got a men­tion just 10 times.
That makes sense since most polls show that the pub­lic viewed the term neg­a­tive­ly because they feel that the econ­o­my is poor and that prices are unjus­ti­fi­ably high.

But the well-paid Wash­ing­ton media thinks the pub­lic is stu­pid and needs to be reed­u­cat­ed on just how great Bide­nomics is for them.
For exam­ple, this week’s Lib­er­al Media Scream fea­tures long­time edi­tor and colum­nist Mar­garet Sul­li­van telling fel­low anti-Trumper Chris­tiane Aman­pour that it’s up to them to make sure peo­ple under­stand the con­se­quences of their wrong-head­ed­ness.
“You know,” Sul­li­van said on Amanpour’s show, “peo­ple t …