New­som Push­es Back On Pay-To-Play Accu­sa­tions, Says Pan­era Is Not Exempt From Min­i­mum Wage Hike

Newsom Pushes Back On Pay-To-Play Accusations, Says Panera Is Not Exempt From Minimum Wage Hike

Gov­er­nor Gavin New­som (D) pushed back last week on accu­sa­tions that Pan­era Bread is exempt from California’s new $20 min­i­mum wage for fast-food restau­rant employ­ees.
Repub­li­cans have accused New­som of giv­ing the chain spe­cial treat­ment because a high school class­mate and donor to Newsom’s cam­paigns, Greg Fly­nn, runs two dozen Pan­era Bread restau­rants in Cal­i­for­nia. Bloomberg News first report­ed that Pan­era appeared to be exempt from the new min­i­mum wage law, which takes effect in April and rais­es …