Why The Dis­as­ter At The South­ern Bor­der Is Biden’s Respon­si­bil­i­ty And His Alone

Why The Disaster At The Southern Border Is Biden’s Responsibility And His Alone

Upon tak­ing office, Pres­i­dent Joe Biden act­ed imme­di­ate­ly to imple­ment poli­cies described by the Brook­ings Insti­tu­tion as the most pro­gres­sive of any pres­i­dent.
On Biden’s very first day in office, he halt­ed depor­ta­tions, sus­pend­ed the “Remain in Mex­i­co” pol­i­cy for asy­lum seek­ers, and stopped con­struc­tion of the bor­der wall. He then signed exec­u­tive orders revers­ing Trump’s immi­gra­tion poli­cies. Biden also end­ed the Title 42 pol­i­cy employed by the Trump admin­is­tra­tion dur­ing the pan­dem­ic to turn migrants away for health rea­sons. The Biden admin­is­tra­tion then rein­stat­ed the “catch and release” pol­i­cy allow­ing the vast major­i­ty of ille­gals who cross the bor­der to be released into the Unit­ed States.
By Sep­tem­ber 2021, they announced ille­gal immi­grants would no longer be deport­ed sim­ply for being in the Unit­ed States ille­gal­ly. Addi­tion­al­ly, accord­ing to some reports, the Biden admin­is­tra­tion worked with Mexico’s immi­gra­tion ser­vice to facil­i­tate ille­gal immi­grant bor­der cross­ings.
The end result, pre­dictably, has been cat­a­stroph­ic – the num­ber of ille­gal aliens cross­ing the bor­der is sky­rock­et­ing on Biden’s watch. Dur­ing the Trump admin­is­tra­tion, U.S. Bor­der Patrol encounter …