Demo­c­rat Strate­gist James Carville: If Democ­rats Lose In Novem­ber It’s Israel’s Fault

Democrat Strategist James Carville: If Democrats Lose In November It’s Israel’s Fault

Demo­c­rat strate­gist James Carville said dur­ing an inter­view over the week­end that if Democ­rats lose in the upcom­ing Novem­ber elec­tions that Israel will be to blame.
Carville made the remarks dur­ing a Sun­day MSNBC inter­view with for­mer Biden Press Sec­re­tary Jen Psa­ki while talk­ing about Israel’s response to Hamas’ Octo­ber 7 ter­ror­ist attack.
“This Gaza stuff, this is not just a prob­lem with some snot-nosed Ivy League peo­ple,” he said. “This is a prob­lem all across the coun­try. And I hope the pres­i­dent and Blinken can get this thing c …