Biden can­cels anoth­er $6 bil­lion in stu­dent debt for select bor­row­ers

Biden cancels another  billion in student debt for select borrowers

Pres­i­dent Joe Biden announced the can­ce­la­tion of rough­ly $6 bil­lion in stu­dent loans for select pub­lic sec­tor work­ers.
On Thurs­day, Biden announced stu­dent debt for­give­ness for 78,000 pub­lic sec­tor work­ers, includ­ing teach­ers, nurs­es, and fire­fight­ers. The total num­ber of pub­lic sec­tor work­ers Biden has for­giv­en stu­dent debt for is now 870,000. In total, rough­ly four mil­lion Amer­i­cans have had their stu­dent loans for­giv­en dur­ing the Biden admin­is­tra­tion.
“These pub­lic ser­vice work­ers have ded­i­cat­ed their careers to serv­ing their com­mu­ni­ties, but because of past admin­is­tra­tive fail­ures, nev­er got the relief they were enti­tled to under the law,” Biden said in a state­ment.
“From day one of my Admin­is­tra­tion, I promised to fix bro­ken stu­dent loan pro­grams and make sure high­er edu­ca­tion is a tick­et to the mid­dle class, not a bar­ri­er to oppor­tu­ni­ty,” he added. “I won’t back down from using every tool at my dis­pos­al to deliv­er stu­dent debt relief to more …