New Report Alleges Elec­tion Inter­fer­ence By Google Over A 16 Year Peri­od

New Report Alleges Election Interference By Google Over A 16 Year Period

Accord­ing to a new report from the Media Research Cen­ter, Google has alleged­ly been engag­ing in elec­tion inter­fer­ence for at least 16 years. The media watch­dog group has been study­ing how Google’s search algo­rithms are used for cen­sor­ship. Dai­ly Wire reporter Megan Basham spoke with Morn­ing Wire’s Geor­gia Howe about the alle­ga­tions. Catch the full inter­view on Morn­ing Wire.
Geor­gia: So Megan, if these claims are true, we’re talk­ing about four pres­i­den­tial cycles and anoth­er four midterms, right?
Megan: Yes, that’s a lot of elec­tions, Geor­gia. The report just released by MRC’s Free Speech Amer­i­ca arm says Google inter­fered in US elec­tions 41 times since 2008. And when you take a look at Goog …