MSNBC’s Jonathan Lemire Sug­gests Israel’s Strike On Gaza Aid Work­ers Was Inten­tion­al

<div>MSNBC's Jonathan Lemire Suggests Israel's Strike On Gaza Aid Workers Was Intentional</div>

“This ‘mis­take’ hit comes a day after the pre­ci­sion strike that killed the Iran­ian gen­er­al in Syr­ia. It’s hard to rec­on­cile those two things.”

That was Jonathan Lemire on today’s Morn­ing Joe. In say­ing that it’s hard to “rec­on­cile” Israel’s “mis­take” hit on the World Cen­tral Kitchen aid work­ers with the “pre­ci­sion” hit on the Iran­ian gen­er­al, Lemire is hint­ing strong­ly this was­n’t a mis­take at all, but rather, an inten­tion­al act by Israel.
As Israel has acknowl­edged, the strike was a “grave mis­take.” But while Lemire focused on the vehi­cles being well-mar …