Greg Abbott claims Joe Biden uses immi­grants as ‘polit­i­cal pawns’

Greg Abbott claims Joe Biden uses immigrants as ‘political pawns’

Gov. Greg Abbott (R‑TX) blast­ed Pres­i­dent Joe Biden for using immi­grants as “polit­i­cal pawns” as soon as they enter the Unit­ed States.
Abbott appeared on Fox News Sun­day to dis­cuss his recent vis­it to New York City, which has seen a flood of 157,000 immi­grants between 2022 and 2023, accord­ing to its may­or, Eric Adams. The Texas gov­er­nor made it clear that even though he’s trans­port­ed immi­grants from his state to the sanc­tu­ary city, his state has only sent a small num­ber of the total immi­grants who have arrived.
“The per­son who’s actu­al­ly using ille­gal immi­grants as polit­i­cal pawns is Joe Biden,” Abbott said. “Joe Biden has cre­at­ed this open bor­der pol­i­cy that has allowed ille­gal immi­grants into our coun­try to appeal to and appease the far left­ists in the Demo­c­rat Par­ty. The peo­ple like [Rep. Alexan­dria] Oca­sio-Cortez (D‑NY), in hopes of try­ing to win their sup­port while at the same time destroy­ing the coun­try that he is in charge of. “

New York City has received over 40,600 immi­grants trans­port­ed from Texas since August 2022. Mean­while, Texas takes the brunt of ille­gal immi …