Biden Keeps Say­ing ‘Don’t.’ Ene­mies Don’t Give A Damn. Trump’s Threats Estab­lished Amer­i­can Deter­rence.

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Biden Keeps Saying ‘Don’t.’ Enemies Don’t Give A Damn. Trump’s Threats Established American Deterrence.

Joe Biden, the pres­i­dent of the Unit­ed States, says one word over and over and over: “Don’t.”
He said it of the Tal­iban with regard to attacks on Amer­i­can troops. And then they did. He said it to the Rus­sians with regard to going into Ukraine. And then they did. Now he’s said it to the Ira­ni­ans with regard to direct­ly attack­ing Israel. And then, of course, they did.
All of which means that Joe Biden is not a cred­i­ble play­er on the world stage.
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