Bob Menen­dez may blame bribery charges on his wife, doc­u­ments show

Bob Menendez may blame bribery charges on his wife, documents show

Sen. Bob Menen­dez (D‑NJ) may point the fin­ger at his wife regard­ing the bribery charges he faces, new court records reveal.
Accord­ing to recent­ly unsealed court doc­u­ments, Menendez’s legal team alleges that his wife, Nadine Menen­dez, with­held infor­ma­tion from the sen­a­tor, caus­ing him to believe that there was noth­ing unlaw­ful going on.

FILE – Sen. Bob Menen­dez (D‑NJ), left, and his wife, Nadine Menen­dez, arrive at the fed­er­al cour­t­house in New York, Sept. 27, 2023. (AP Photo/Jeenah Moon, File)

“While these expla­na­tions, and the mar­i­tal com­mu­ni­ca­tions on which they rely, will tend to exon­er­ate Sen­a­tor Menen­dez by demon­strat­ing the absence of any improp­er intent on Sen­a­tor Menendez’s part, they may incul­pate Nadine by demon­strat­ing the ways in which she with­held infor­ma­tion from Sen­a­tor Menen­dez or oth­er­wise led him to believe that noth­ing unlaw­ful was tak­ing place,” the doc­u­ments read.
Bob Menendez’s team want­ed the infor­ma­tion to be kept secret, as they argued that pub­li­ciz­ing it could taint the jury pool. How­ev­er, a coali­tion of media orga­ni­za­tions advo­cat­ed for its release, which was signed off on Tues­day by fed­er­al Judge Sid­ney Stein.
Else­where, the doc­u­ments assert­ed that the sen­a­tor is an “Amer­i­can patri­ot” tar­get­ed by an out-of-con­trol jus­tice sys­tem. It main­tains that the alle­ga­tions against him are base­less and a “dis­tor­tion of the truth.” Nadine Menen­dez also faces charges in the bribery case.
The Wash­ing­ton Exam­in­er reached out to the senator’s office for com­ment.
The cou­ple was indict­ed last year on charges revolv­ing around an alleged cor­rupt rela­tion­ship with three New Jer­sey busi­ness­men and the Egypt­ian gov­ern­ment. Bob Menen­dez is accused of using his pres­ti­gious posi­tion on the Sen­ate For­eign Rela­tions Com­mit­tee to aid Egypt and pro­vide them with con­fi­den­tial infor­ma­tion.
Bob Menen­dez and his wife have plead­ed not guilty to the charges they face. The sen­a­tor is up for reelec­tion but has cho­sen to run as an inde­pen­dent if he is exon­er­at­ed.
Last week, pros­e­cu­tors agreed to post­pone the couple’s tri­al due to a med­ical issue on the part of Nadine Menen­dez. It will now take place some­time in late sum­mer.