Mor­gan Spur­lock, 1970–2024

Morgan Spurlock, 1970-2024

“Some­body find me a car­rot stick.” So said mil­lions of movie­go­ers upon exit­ing screen­ings of Super Size Me, doc­u­men­tar­i­an Mor­gan Spurlock’s gonzo 2004 sen­sa­tion. Spurlock’s film, based on a stom­ach-churn­ing con­ceit, test­ed the lim­its of the director’s phys­i­cal, psy­cho­log­i­cal, and (not least) spir­i­tu­al courage. For 30 days, with cam­eras cap­tur­ing every greasy belch and sigh, the film­mak­er con­sumed noth­ing but McDonald’s. If the icon­ic movie poster of the 1970s was Roger Kastel’s ter­ri­fy­ing work for Jaws, the aughts equiv­a­lent may well have been Spur­lock star­ing fear­ful­ly at passers­by, his open mouth stuffed with fries. 
Born in West Vir­ginia in 1970, Spur­lock stud­ied film at New York Uni­ver­si­ty before sign­ing on as a pro­duc­tion assis­tant to Luc Besson’s Leon (1994). From there fol­lowed mod­est tele­vi­sion suc­cess at the helm of the self-cre­at­ed (and lat­er MTV-pro­duced) real­i­ty series I Bet You Will. Spurlock’s role on that pro­gram was to offer …