Rumored Repub­li­can VP Can­di­dates Weigh In On Ver­dict In Trump Case

Rumored Republican VP Candidates Weigh In On Verdict In Trump Case

Numer­ous rumored top Repub­li­can vice pres­i­den­tial can­di­dates react­ed strong­ly to the guilty ver­dict in the con­tro­ver­sial crim­i­nal tri­al against for­mer Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump on Thurs­day, warn­ing that the case sets a dan­ger­ous prece­dent for the coun­try.
The deci­sion is the cul­mi­na­tion of a weeks-long court­room bat­tle in which Trump said that he was the tar­get of a “polit­i­cal per­se­cu­tion” — a point that was seem­ing­ly val­i­dat­ed when Pres­i­dent Joe Biden sent his cam­paign to hold a polit­i­cal event out­side the cour­t­house this week as he runs anoth­er cam­paign for a sec­ond …