Crack­er Bar­rel CEO teas­es rebrand and new pric­ing to revive restau­rant

Cracker Barrel CEO teases rebrand and new pricing to revive restaurant

Crack­er Bar­rel could soon be offer­ing cus­tomers a revamped menu com­plete with low­er prices, accord­ing to a recent pro­pos­al from CEO Julie Felss Masi­no.
Dur­ing this month’s con­fer­ence call, Masi­no, fresh from her time as an exec­u­tive at Taco Bell, sug­gest­ed that the com­pa­ny “fresh­en things in such a way as to be notice­able and attrac­tive” while main­tain­ing the Crack­er Bar­rel brand.
“We’re just not as rel­e­vant as we once were,” Masi­no report­ed­ly said on the call. “[T]he real­i­ty is we’ve lost some mar­ket share, espe­cial­ly at din­ner.”
Masi­no point­ed out how diverse the loca­tions of Crack­er Barrel’s 660 loca­tions require dif­fer­ent busi­ness strate­gies.
“For exam­ple, we have stores in metro areas with an aver­age annu­al house­hold income of $55,000 in the same pric­ing tier as one with $90,000,” Masi­no said.
Already, the com­pa­ny has start­ed test­ing new menu items in 10 restau­rants, includ­ing banana pud­ding and green chili corn­bread. This fall, all restau­rants will see the addi­tions of a chick­en and rice plat­ter, pot roast …