Milwaukee’s deep-blue hue con­trasts sharply with GOP faith­ful set to nom­i­nate Trump there

Milwaukee’s deep-blue hue contrasts sharply with GOP faithful set to nominate Trump there

MILWAUKEE, Wis­con­sin — While the polit­i­cal iden­ti­ties of most major cities lean at least slight­ly Demo­c­ra­t­ic and pro­gres­sive, Mil­wau­kee swims in a unique shade of steeped indi­go blue. Now, that left-com­mit­ted iden­ti­ty will be chal­lenged with the July 15 arrival of the city’s first Repub­li­can Nation­al Con­ven­tion.
Once a hotbed for man­u­fac­tur­ing and still a labor union strong­hold, Mil­wau­kee is the only Amer­i­can city in the 20th cen­tu­ry to elect three social­ist may­ors (Emil Sei­del from 1910–1912, Daniel W. Hoan from 1916–1940, and Frank Zei­dler from 1948–1960). A Repub­li­can hasn’t held the town’s high­est office since 1908, and the Mil­wau­kee Com­mon Coun­cil is dom­i­nat­ed by Democ­rats.

A sign pro­mot­ing Mil­wau­kee as the 2024 host of the Repub­li­can Nation­al Con­ven­tion out­side of the Fis­erv Forum in Mil­wau­kee, Wis­con­sin. (Al Drago/Bloomberg via Get­ty Images)

Still, with most of the vot­ers beyond Mil­wau­kee, Green Bay, and the state capi­tol in Madiso …