North Car­olini­ans pay a quar­ter less than nation­al aver­age

North Carolinians pay a quarter less than national average

(The Cen­ter Square) – Three weeks from sum­mer, and into the first unof­fi­cial week of it, North Car­olini­ans are pay­ing a quar­ter less per gal­lon of gas than the nation­al aver­age.
Thurs­day morning’s aver­ages, accord­ing to the Amer­i­can Auto­mo­bile Asso­ci­a­tion, are $3.31 for the state and $3.56 for the nation for unlead­ed reg­u­lar. That’s down a nick­el from a month ago, up 3 cents from a year ago for the state; and nation­al­ly, down 7 cents from a month ago and a pen­ny from a year ago.
Diesel fuel is $3.84 pe …