The big Biden pan­ic: The pres­i­dent is trail­ing, but per­haps the guilty ver­dict against Trump will save him

The big Biden panic: The president is trailing, but perhaps the guilty verdict against Trump will save him

In a Sat­ur­day Night Live skit spoof­ing the 1988 pres­i­den­tial debates, Dana Car­vey por­trayed George H.W. Bush emit­ting a word sal­ad of cam­paign slo­gans while try­ing to fill his allot­ted time: “On track… stay the course… a thou­sand points of light… stay the course.”
Jon Lovitz, play­ing that year’s Demo­c­ra­t­ic nom­i­nee, Michael Dukakis, shot back, “I can’t believe I’m los­ing to this guy.”

(Thomas Fluhar­ty for the Wash­ing­ton Exam­in­er)

Demo­c­ra­t­ic strate­gists find them­selves express­ing sim­i­lar sen­ti­ments about this year’s race for the White House and for­mer Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump, except they are not at all amused. Some are shocked. Many pro­fess to be ter­ri­fied, regard­ing Trump as an author­i­tar­i­an threat to the entire polit­i­cal sys­tem. Trump is also now a con­vict­ed felon. Democ­rats are report­ed­ly cir­cu­lat­ing worst-case sce­nar­ios among them­selves, though the guilty ver­dict could change the fun­da­men­tals to their ben­e­fit.
“How is this even a close race?” a Demo­c­rat work­ing on con­gres­sion­al cam­paigns this year told the Wash­ing­ton Exam­in­er when asked to sum up the pre­vail­ing sen­ti­ment. “Much less, how can we pos­si­bly be los­ing?”
Yet a con­sid­er­able amount of their angst is direct­ed at the Demo­c­rat sit­ting in the Oval Office, Pres­i­dent Joe Biden. The New York Times’s Ezra Klein, a plugged-in lib­er­al pun­dit, cranked out a list of sev­en the­o­ries for why the man at the top of the tick­et is los­ing. And he did ulti­mate­ly place the blame square­ly on Biden.
“The elec­torate hasn’t turned on Democ­rats; a cru­cial group of vot­ers has turned on Biden,” Klein wrote. New York magazine’s Jonathan Chait said much the …