Cost­co CFO assures investors its $1.50 hot dog com­bo won’t see price increase

Costco CFO assures investors its .50 hot dog combo won’t see price increase

Cost­co CFO Gary Miller­chip spent his first earn­ings call secur­ing the wholesaler’s price for a hot dog and drink at $1.50.
This price has been set since Cost­co co-founder James Sine­gal ran the busi­ness as its CEO. Sine­gal retired in 2011, but promised the price would remain the same. All these years lat­er, rumors arose that the price would need to be increased as pro­duc­tion costs went up.
“To clear up some recent media spec­u­la­tion, I also want to con­firm the $1.50 hot dog price is safe,” Miller­chip said at the top of his first earn­ings call as CFO.
Dur­ing the third quar­ter earn­ings call, Cost­co revealed it had made $54.6 bil­lion in net sales, which was over a 9% growth from the quar­ter before. As a result, it made a net $1.68 bil­lion in rev­enue in that time.
Cost­co con­tin­ue …